Social Contribution

Volunteers Assist in Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts

Employee volunteers from MISI have been helping out on earthquake reconstruction efforts since 2011, primarily in Higashi-Matsushima and Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture. We will continue to do what is needed, based on changes in the situation there.

Worldwide Disaster Relief and Support for Education

We provide assistance in the form of donations when disasters occur in the world. We immediately donated to the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, for example, when a typhoon struck the country in November 2013.

Additionally, we continue to contribute to organizations that public utility foundation corporation. For example, we sent donations to pay for an expansion of the facility and new school equipment for the New Delhi Japanese School in January 2014.

Overseas Efforts

We also provide donations and carry out assistance efforts at our various overseas locations. In the United States in particular, employees regularly carry out a wide range of CSR activities under the volunteer program MISA Cares.

Participation in WFP’s Walk the World

We participate in the Walk the World event that the United Nations World Food Programme sponsors every year. The aim of the event is to eradicate hunger among children in developing nations, and a portion of the participation fees is used in African school lunch programs. Including new employees, 29 MISI employees participated in 2014, walking through downtown Yokohama.

Voluntary Collection Drives

We actively support the CSR activities of our employees. Various volunteer collection drives are conducted periodically each year, such as the daily collection of PET bottle caps.

In addition, foreign banknotes and coins are sent to the Japan Committee for UNICEF, and used stamps and postcards that are improperly addressed or otherwise unusable are sent to the Japanese Organization for public utility foundation corporation twice a year. The foreign currency is used to fund UNICEF’s efforts, while the stamps and postcards are used to provide assistance to women in developing countries. In addition, clothing collected in February, and in June books, CDs and DVDs are donated to relief organizations.

Participation in the Sanno Festival

We also actively undertake various CSR efforts locally. Since we are a member of the Nihonbashi 1-chome town association, one activity involves participating in the Sanno Festival. All our participants wear matching MISI happi (workman’s livery coats) and carry a mikoshi (portable shrine). We increase our interaction with the local community by getting outside the company and sweating together with other people who work in Nihonbashi.