Commitment to Quality

MISI pursues the steady daily operation of its own unique quality management system (QMS)—a key aspect of the commitment to supply top-quality products and services that contribute to all our stakeholders.

At a number of specified workplaces, particularly keen efforts are made according to their business types to maintain sound business transactions through the acquisition and rigid operation of ISO 9001—the premiere international certification standard for QMS.

To date, the following MISI workplaces have earned ISO 9001 certification:

Tubular Products Div. Line Pipe Dept., OCTG, Specialty Tubular Products Dept.
Iron & Steel Div.-III Electrical Steel Sec.-II of Steel Sheets Dept.
Automotive Steel Products Div. Automotive Steel Products Dept.-I, Automotive Steel Products Dept.-II and Automotive Specialty Steel Sec. of Specialty Steel & Wire Rods Dept.
Osaka Division Osaka Steel Sheets Dept., Stainless Steel(OSAKA) Sec. and Specialty Steel & Wire Rods(OSAKA) Sec.

The MISI aircraft team at the Stainless Steel (OSAKA) Section has also successfully acquired certification under JIS Q 9100—a specialized standard for the aerospace industry.

Quality Policy

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc., Tubular Products Division, Iron & Steel Division-III, Automotive Steel Products Division and Osaka Division consider their mission to be to contribute to the development of energy resources in the world and the sound growth of our social welfare through their trading services of iron and steel products, responding to their Customers’ needs and expectations.

Nowadays, the globe is becoming smaller, and countries around the world depend profoundly on each other. Comprehending the worldwide trend for coexistence, the Division is aiming at harmonized development with trading partners under innovative commercial concepts.

Based on the background stated above, we consider that Customer satisfaction with the quality of our supplies is of uppermost importance and has a possibility to influence the profit of the Divisions.
Therefore, we declare the quality policy of the Division as follows:

Quality Policy:

  1. We provide quality that fully satisfies our Customer;
  2. We continually strive to improve the quality of our business to meet Customers’ expectations, comprehending general trends and the varying needs of Customers;
  3. We continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Quality Objectives:

  1. We establish and implement a quality management system based on ISO9001:2015 to transact business of the highest quality;
  2. We improve quality by incorporating in our business activities the results of investigations concerning Customers’ needs and satisfaction.

We are committed to assuring that the quality policy and associated objectives are made known to and implemented by all concerned employees of the Divisions.

To establish, implement and maintain the quality system conforming to ISO9001:2015, we appoint General Manager, Division Planning & Coordination Department as the Management Representative.

April 1, 2017

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.
Executive officer, Tubular Products Div.
Executive officer, Iron & Steel Div.-III
Executive Officer, Automotive Steel Products Div.
Executive officer, Osaka Division