CSR Action Guidelines

MISI adheres to the “Three-Way Plus One Benefit” corporate principle, in which the “benefit to the employee” augments our traditional Three-Way Benefit to the seller, buyer and the society. Rooted in this defining spirit, MISI is more determined than ever to create new value as an expert team of steel professionals that contributes to the progressive development of a sustainable society.

1. Thorough Compliance

MISI observes the laws and regulations of Japan and other countries, following common sense courses of action in compliance with social norms.

2. Keen Consideration for Human Rights and the Global Environment

MISI nurtures a keen awareness of our responsibilities as a contributing member of the international community, respecting human rights and striving to protect the global environment.

3. Quality Accountability

MISI supplies products and services of the highest quality, responding to the needs and expectations of our customers and supporting the continuing advancement of society.

4. Social Contribution Initiatives

MISI vigorously contributes to the local community and society overall to raise the quality of people’s lives, fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

5. Partnerships with Stakeholders

MISI focuses on close communication with all stakeholders, forging bonds of mutual trust and living up to the expectations of these valued partners.

What’s New

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