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Message from the President and CEO

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. (MISI) was launched in October 2001 as the pioneer of a bold new commercial model—the industry’s first corporate merger engineered by spinning off the steel business divisions of two top-ranked general trading companies. Ever since, MISI has taken strong, determined steps forward in the quest to generate new value through the fusion of these different corporate cultures, while maintaining and expanding its essential depth and expertise as a general trading power. Buoyed by the crucial understanding and support of our loyal stakeholders, the Group’s performance has remained solid ever since we embarked on this new corporate journey. True to the MISI Group strategy of transforming itself into an accomplished steel distribution integrator and genuine global corporate power, these core strategies will be steadily adopted as we move to fully attain our avowed goals.

Fiscal 2019 is the 2nd year of the sixth MISI medium-term (three-year) management program which is started from 2018. Under the defining motto “Fit for Innovation 2020,” this vision zeros in on three core strategies: correspond (adapt to change), execute (implement new strategies), and transform (spearheading progressive innovation).

While remaining keenly focused on the sweeping changes that characterize today’s marketplace, our aim is to build the cutting-edge business domains the emerging new era demands and constantly formulate original functions designed to supply customers with superior services in step with the shifting times.

The MISI legacy corporate cornerstone is the spirit of the Three-Way Benefit. This refers to the benefit for the seller, the buyer and society—a philosophy we cherish as the business foundation of the traditional merchants from the Omi region in western Japan many years ago. Complementing this keynote philosophy is the Three-Way Plus One Benefit, which refers to both fostering the talents of our employees and expanding benefits for them as well. In this way, MISI is committed to further refining all aspects of our people, organizations and assets, in the ongoing mission to earn even greater trust and support from all customers and stakeholders.

MISI will spare no time or effort in our continuing drive to value the essential bonds with the world around us. This consists of fulfilling our social duties as a responsible corporate entity, working through the steel distribution sector to boost respect for the environment, enhance compliance, devise fruitful social contribution initiatives and advance on other critical fronts.

With this pledge foremost in mind, I look forward to your renewed consideration and guidance for Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc., as the extended MISI family gears up to meet the full range of challenges in our path over the years to come.

April 2019

Tomohito Kaneda
President and CEO