Tubular Products Division

Product Lines

  • OCTG, line pipe, clad steel pipe, structural pipe, ductile iron pipe, specialty pipe and tubes, general piping, mechanical structural tubes, stainless steel pipe, etc.

"Playing a Role in the Stable Supply of Energy
Transporting Energy from Earth to Consumer"

The Tubular Products Division contributes to the stable and efficient operations of its customers in energy development, civil engineering and construction, machinery manufacturing, and other major industries by supplying all varieties of steel pipe and incidental services. The primary focus of the Tubular Products Division is on the fields of oil and natural gas development. By mobilizing storage and processing service bases around the world, MISI does everything in its power to offer a sustained supply chain and effective asset management. The ultimate goal is to support energy development and production, and to make a solid contribution to the stable supply of energy, both at home in Japan and to countries around the world.

Support Massive Infrastructure Projects Like Oil and Gas Pipelines

Pipelines link oil- and gas-producing areas to the areas where the resources are used. The pipes are frequently laid on the ocean floor more than two thousand meters below the surface, in earthquake zones and mountainous districts, on frozen soil, and other severe environments. The distances covered often mean that these pipelines form a mammoth infrastructure stretching thousands of kilometers across national and regional borders. MISI handles the procurement, financing, on-site logistics, and other aspects of supplying high-performance steel pipe, supporting the creation of optimum energy transport routes.

Providing Integrated Management Services for Oil and Gas Field Extraction

Crude oil and natural gas resources often lie thousands of meters beneath the earth’s surface. It is often difficult to identify the structure, composition and properties of oil and gas deposits, and the size and performance needed for oil country tubular goods (OCTGs) varies widely. MISI works through its management service network—comprised of various bases around the world—to provide OCTG solutions. We first recommend the optimum materials based on data from trial bores, then procure the various types of OCTGs to suit the drilling plans, and then act in place of oil companies in handling the storage, processing, inspections, and repairs of the product, all while supplying the products on a just-in-time basis.


Expansion of Nationwide Oil Well Pipe Distribution Network in the U.S.–the World’s Largest Oil Producer

MISI Group company Sooner Inc. (head office: Houston, Texas), the largest oil well pipe wholesaler in the United States, has acquired CTAP (head office: Denver, Colorado), a middle-ranked mainstay wholesaler with operations focused on the Rocky Mountains and northern region of the nation. The U.S., riding the rapid expansion of oil production in recent years on the wave of the shale oil boom, regained its status as the world’s top oil producing nation in 2018 for the first time in forty-five years. America is also the world’s largest market for oil well pipe, and thus demands cutting-edge global technology in that field as well. Sooner is targeting this sector and moving to expand its oil well pipe sales and service network into a system capable of serving the entire nation. For MISI, the goal is to provide prompt and precise responses to customer needs throughout the U.S., excelling as a core supplier supporting streamlined oil resource development and production in America for many years to come.