Iron & Steel Division-II

Product Lines

  • Slabs, hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, coated steel sheets, tinplate, tin-free steel

As professionals in the global steel sheet trade field, we have our sights set on both achieving an overwhelming top share in transaction volume and pursuing vigorous business development.

As a group of professionals that specializes in exporting steel sheet and supplying materials to the container industry domestically and abroad, we provide meticulous service in response to every need of our customers based on the abundant information we gain during trade and business management.

Building a Strong Steel Sheet Sales Network

The Overseas Steel Sheets Department, which specializes in the export of steel sheet, has multiple supply chains that allow it to respond to a wide range of orders of from thousands up to tens of thousands of tons from overseas customers. The department has also built its powerful global steel sheet sales network through strategic overseas business investments in manufacturing and processing bases.

Leading the Industry in Tinplate and Tin-Free Steel Transactions

The Tin Mill Products Department—which specializes in supplying materials to the container industry domestically and abroad—is an industry leader in both domestic and export transaction volume. We strive to deepen our capabilities by combining the overseas information gathering and dissemination abilities we’ve gained through export transactions with the meticulous customer service we’ve cultivated through domestic transactions.


Integrated Supply Chain with United Coil Center of Thailand

United Coil Center Ltd. (UCC) is one of the largest coil center businesses in Southeast Asia. The company has three plants in Thailand that process around 500,000 tons of products annually for customers in various fields. Our customers give us high marks for our quality and service. We use MISI's integrated supply chain to supply materials from both Japanese steelmakers and our overseas investment affiliates to UCC. This is a key link in the total value chain our division presents, significantly enhancing our customer services.