Corporate Governance

MISI operates on the principle of growing the company on the strength of sound corporate endeavors. In keeping with this, our goal is to maintain a corporate governance system that empowers fully transparent decision-making and supervision to function effectively.

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In September 2002, we established a compliance committee and established fourteen items under our compliance program, which have governed our actions ever since. Under the mandate of group compliance management, we monitor the status of compliance conformance every six months and extend compliance to domestic and overseas group companies, thereby ensuring thorough compliance even from employees of group companies. The realm of corporate endeavor includes shareholders, customers, suppliers, consumers, employees, and other types of stakeholders. To address the interests and demands of these stakeholders, a company must both pursue profit and engage in sound corporate activities that ensure the survival and continuation of its business. Basic policies for compliance are established at the start of all activities, with measures followed to avoid any deviation from these principles. More specifically, we are aggressively attempting to prevent bid rigging, pricing cartels and other violations of antimonopoly laws, and to strengthen anticorruption measures through bans on offering illegal profits to public servants and persons in corresponding positions (reflecting the recent global trend toward tougher crackdowns on bribery). Strict security trade controls are established to lawfully, safely and smoothly maintain trade operations, which is a vital pillar of sales activities.

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.
Chief Compliance Officer

Yutaka Shimizu

Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.
Chief Compliance Officer

Yutaka Shimizu

Risk Management

MISI has formulated its own Risk Management Regulations as a way to perfect the management systems used to evaluate and address risks prone to occur at the company. The underlying purpose is to ensure the smooth operation of our business activities by preventing risks before they appear.

Crisis Management System

In March 2022, MISI introduced its restructured Crisis Management Regulations. While specific plans and manuals had been formulated and used over the years, these new regulations help us to comprehensively determine the positioning of all such materials. The objective is to maintain smooth, uninterrupted business operations even when crises capable of affecting the execution of MISI corporate activities occur.


MISI pursues the steady daily operation of its own unique quality management system (QMS)—a key aspect of the commitment to supply top-quality products and services that contribute to all our stakeholders. At a number of specified workplaces, particularly keen efforts are made according to their business types to maintain sound business transactions through the acquisition and rigid operation of ISO 9001—the premiere international certification standard for QMS.
To date, the following MISI workplaces have earned ISO 9001 certification(As of October 1, 2022):

 Tubular Products Div.(For trading services) Energy Industries Steel Products Dept.-Ⅰ,
Energy Industries Steel Products Dept.-Ⅱ
Iron & Steel Div.-III(For trading services) Steel Sheets Dept., Electrical Steel Sec.-I/Electrical Steel Sec.-II
Steel Products Div.(For trading services)
Automotive Steel Products Dept.-I Overseas Team,
Automotive Steel Products Dept.-II Overseas Team,
Specialty Steel & Wire Rods Dept., Automotive Specialty Steel Sec. Overseas Team
Osaka Division(For domestic transactions and trading services) Osaka Steel Sheets Dept. Steel Sheets Sec.-II,
Stainless Steel(OSAKA) Sec.,
Specialty Steel & Wire Rods(OSAKA) Sec.