CSR Action Guidelines

MISI adheres to the “Three-Way Plus One Benefit” corporate principle, in which the “benefit to the employee” augments our traditional Three-Way Benefit to the seller, buyer and the society. Rooted in this defining spirit, MISI is more determined than ever to create new value as an expert team of steel professionals that contributes to the progressive development of a sustainable society.


Environmental Accountability

Since its inception as a corporate entity in 2001, MISI has steadfastly maintained its ISO 14001 certification—the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS) designed to exercise effective control over the impact our operations have on the environment. In the quest to confront global warming and preserve a healthy environment for future generations, all companies are expected to address the EMS challenge. Against this backdrop, we operate our EMS in accordance with the standards defined in ISO 14001, and aggressively use it from an environmental perspective and as an all-encompassing management initiative. In addition, we observe Environment CSR Month every year, conducting various beneficial and consciousness-raising activities.

Commitment to Quality

MISI pursues the steady daily operation of its own unique quality management system (QMS)—a key aspect of the commitment to supply top-quality products and services that contribute to all our stakeholders. At a number of specified workplaces, particularly keen efforts are made according to their business types to maintain sound business transactions through the acquisition and rigid operation of ISO 9001—the premiere international certification standard for QMS.
To date, the following MISI workplaces have earned ISO 9001 certification:
Tubular Products Div. Line Pipe Dept., OCTG, Specialty Tubular Products Dept.
Iron & Steel Div.-III Electrical Steel Sec.-II of Steel Sheets Dept.
Automotive Steel Products Div. Automotive Steel Products Dept.-I, Automotive Steel Products Dept.-II and Automotive Specialty Steel Sec. of Specialty Steel & Wire Rods Dept.
Osaka Division Osaka Steel Sheets Dept. Steel Sheets Sec.-II, Stainless Steel(OSAKA) Sec. and Specialty Steel & Wire Rods(OSAKA) Sec.