The thinking behind our philosophy

We will contribute to our customers’ growth and corporate value while creating a better world with our stakeholders. By pursuing this goal, we will achieve individual and collective growth. This is how we would like to be.
To achieve this goal, we will keep expanding our services and rapidly reacting to diversified needs.
We will offer high-value-added solutions to our customers by anticipating changes in our world, keeping a broad perspective, and tackling the core challenges of the existing value chain and industrial structure.
We will create a new business model by taking the lead and going beyond the framework of a trading company.
We will always ask questions from every perspective, and with the pioneering spirit we have kept since our founding, we will explore the next frontier.


Our Company Logo

Our company logo, a bird, expressed with the brilliant orange of hot melting iron, symbolizes the enthusiasm and eternal energy we bring to the iron and steel industry. The creature, gazing up all the sky and ready for flight, represents our company’s eagerness to take bold leaps together with our customers.