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Corporate Officers

*Apr 1, 2017

President and CEO Member of the Board Tomohito Kaneda
Executive Vice President Member of the Board Tatsuhiko Toshita
Managing Executive Officer CSO Member of the Board Haruhiko Ida
Managing Executive Officer (Iron & Steel Div.-I, Tubular Products Div.) Member of the Board Masakazu Tanimoto
Managing Executive Officer (Iron & Steel Div. -II, Iron & Steel Div.-III, Automotive Steel Products Div.) Member of the Board Toshiatsu Suwa
Executive Officer CFO Member of the Board Kazunori Maruyama
Member of the Board Eiichi Yonekura
Member of the Board Ichiro Takahara
Member of the Board Akihiko Okada
Member of the Board Masahiro Inoue
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Shuichi Okazaki
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Osamu Tsukada
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Norio Matsui
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tadashi Unoki
Executive Officer Iron & Steel Div.-I Yutaka Shimizu
Executive Officer Iron & Steel Div.-II Toshihiko Takahashi
Executive Officer Iron & Steel Div.-III Kazuhiro Mamiya
Executive Officer Automotive Steel Products Div. Akira Suzuki
Executive Officer Tubular Products Div. Kiyoshi Tomikawa
Executive Officer Osaka Div. Hideki Yamamoto
Executive Officer General Manager for the Americas Kunihiro Yamanouchi
Executive Officer General Manager for Asia & Oceania Kazuaki Shimada
Executive Officer CAO Satoshi Tanaka
Executive Officer General Manager of Corporate Planning & Coordination Dept. Akio Nakazato