Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel Inc.

Product Lines

  • Civil engineering products: Steel pipe piles, sheet piles, segments, and various secondary processed steel products
  • Construction steel products: H-beams, angles, channels fl at bars, and columns
  • Bars: Deformed bars, threaded deformed bars, and bars in coil
  • Steel sheets/plates: Medium plate, hot-rolled steel sheet/plate, and surface-treated plate/sheet.
  • Orginial products: Fabb-Deck, KH Truss, KH Slab, Summit Frame
  • Construction projects and methods: Steel frame construction, metal fitting work, interior finishing work, floor slab construction, SGE (Steel Geo Ecology) method

Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel Inc. Debuts

In January 2016, Marubeni Itochu Techno Steel Inc. and Sumisho Tekko Hanbai Co., Ltd. merged to create Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel Inc.

Taking maximum advantage of the extensive group networks of ITOCHU Corporation, Marubeni Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation—three of Japan’s foremost trading companies—Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel supplies steel products for use in pivotal projects supporting the very cornerstone of the nation.

A key MISI subsidiary, Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel has sixteen sales offices nationwide, and supplies construction materials to general contractors, processors, dealers in steel products and manufacturers of construction products.

Project Story

Supplying Materials for the Construction of Toranomon Hills

Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel supplied large amounts of materials, mainly steel bars and frames, for the construction of the 52-story Toranomon Hills skyscraper complex that straddles Loop Road No. 2, which links Toranomon and Shimbashi.