Iron & Steel Division-III

Product Lines

  • Hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, coated steel sheets, electrical steel sheets, stainless steel, titanium, copper alloy tubes, stainless steel clad plates, and various new materials

Deepening our functions—with coil centers and steel distribution related operations as the pillars—to answer customer demands.

Stainless steel rolling stock for the two-story Highliner commuter trains of the Metra in Chicago (photo courtesy of Nippon Sharyo, Ltd.)

Iron & Steel Division-III supplies steel sheets and stainless steel products to a wide range of industry sectors such as consumer electronics, household equipment, kitchens, steel furniture, vehicle onboard components, railroad cars and others closely linked to everyday life. We take full advantage of the processing functions of our subsidiaries to bring customers topflight high-valued-added products. Supplying basic materials for retailers to steel product wholesalers, coil center operators and other distributors is another of our main functions.

Our supply services for Japanese companies with overseas business bases and foreign companies are highly developed.

Our division mobilizes MISI group processing bases to provide customers developing business in China and Southeast Asia with the same quality of service available in Japan. In areas with robust demand, we install increasingly advanced processing equipment and provide more sophisticated processed steel products to better address customer requirements. In the titanium and new materials domains, we are advancing initiatives toward satisfying orders from overseas factories.

A hybrid headquarters through the integration of steel sheet and stainless steel operations

Focusing on Overseas Infrastructure and Energy Projects

For the first time since the launch of MISI, we have established an independent stainless steel sales organization and have effectively placed our steel sheet and stainless steel operations under a single division. The goal is to realize a truly “hybrid” headquarters geared to fluidly fuse our efforts in both categories. More specifically, we will generate greater synergies by handling both types of products, further enriching our corporate function as an integrated and powerful sales presence dealing in both steel sheet and stainless steel.

Project Story

Electrical Steel Sheet Processing Subsidiary Established in India

MISI launched a fully owned processing center in the Neemrana area of Rajasthan State in northern India to address the demands of Japanese companies located around Delhi for electrical steel sheet. The main business operations consist of slit processing of non-grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and motor core manufacture. It also answers the increasing demand for consumer electronics and onboard motors for vehicles.

Project Profile
Capital USD 8.9 million (fully owned by MISI)
Location Neemrana in Rajasthan State (105 km from New Delhi Airport)
Site area 28,200 square meters; plant area: 7,850 square meters (initial stage)
Major equipment Slitters for electrical steel sheets, 220-ton triaxial high-speed press
Business activities Non-grain-oriented electrical steel sheet slit processing and motor core manufacture
Operation startup May 2015