Iron & Steel Division-II

Product Lines

  • Slabs, hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, coated steel sheets, tinplate, tin-free steel

As professionals in the global steel sheet trade field, we have our sights set on both achieving an overwhelming top share in transaction volume and pursuing vigorous business development on the global stage.

With the arrival of FY2015, Iron & Steel Division-II has been revamped into a specialized team structured to export steel sheet and supply materials to the worldwide container industry. The Overseas Steel Sheet Department—the operational arm devoted to steel sheet exports—addresses a truly vast array of overseas customer demands ranging from transactions of several ten thousand tons to single container unit orders. The department also actively pursues overseas business investment to build up robust sales networks on a worldwide scale. The aim is to raise the caliber of rich information and services stemming from its exploits in trade and business management, in the quest to earn an overwhelming number one share of business in this industry.

The Tin Mill Products Department, specializing in the supply of materials to container industry customers in Japan and abroad, boasts a top-class track record in furnishing tinplate and tin-free steel to container and bottle cap manufacturers and dealerships. Working from this solid cornerstone, the department continues to fuse overseas information development powers—cultivated via several ten thousand ton scale export transactions—with the elaborate customer service skills perfected in the Japanese domestic tinplate sector as it moves to claim the lion’s share of the market.

Project Story

First Coil Center in Pakistan

MID Pakistan Coil Center (Private) Ltd. (MIDP), the first full-fledged steel service center in Pakistan that MISI founded through a joint venture with a local Pakistani motorcycle and automobile parts manufacturer, commenced operations in August 2015. Pakistan is a market where the production of automobiles and motorcycles is projected to steadily expand over the years to come. Bin Qasim Industrial Park, the site of the MIDP plant, is a special economic zone established to attract Japanese companies. Within those grounds, MIDP will supply top-caliber services in the processing and sales of steel products, responding to the diversified demands of local customers in the automobile, motorcycle, consumer electronics and construction materials fields as well as the needs of Japanese businesses expected to expand to Pakistan.

Project Overview
Company name: MID Pakistan Coil Center (Private) Limited
Capital: USD 5 Million (MISI equity 74 percent)
Location: Bin Qasim Industrial Park (Karachi)
Site area: 20,000 square meters
Major equipment: Slitters, levelers (oscillating) and shearing machine
Business activities: Processing of high-quality steel sheet for use in consumer electronics and automobiles
Operation startup: August 2015