Iron & Steel Division-I

Product Lines

  • Slabs, billets, blooms and other semi-finished products, Bars, shapes, rails, pipe piles and other structural steel Plates, and clad steel

A Strategic Partner for Leading Global Manufacturers in Shipbuilding, Heavy Electric Equipment, Construction Machinery and the Construction Industry

Iron & Steel Division-I handles steel products widely used as key structural materials in shipbuilding, plants, construction machinery, infrastructure facilities and other fields, doing business with numerous different industries both in Japan and overseas. The division works through MISI processing and sales bases, steel plate fusion cutting and molding, inventory management, domestic and overseas transport and other key trading company functions to meet the increasingly diversified needs of our customers.

Mobilizing Its Extensive Group Functions to Meet the Full Range of Customer Needs

In recent years we have been actively working on supplying steel for construction machinery and offshore structures in the resource development field. We have also provided steel for train track rails and bridge building in the infrastructure field. In close collaboration with the Group firm Marubeni Itochu Sumisho Techno Steel Inc., MISI contributes to infrastructure development both in Japan and overseas, including participation in Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) projects.

Approaching Clean Energy Development from a Steel Products Supplier’s Perspective

With the demand for clean energy continuing to increase, wind power generation is a field attracting keen global attention. A case in point is floating offshore wind farms—for which verification testing has commenced in Japan—which are inspiring high expectations for meaningful contributions to the nation’s domestic energy supply. MISI supplies steel products for these verification tests that are used in floating bodies engineered to support wind turbines offshore, making a key contribution to creating viable future models and accumulating vital know-how. We will continue to play a pivotal role in pioneering core initiatives in Japan’s energy sector.

Project Story

Providing the Steel to Build the World's Infrastructure

The steel materials that Iron & Steel Division-I handles are widely used in key structural components in shipbuilding, industrial plants, construction machinery, infrastructure facilities and other fields.

We have made major efforts in recent years to supply steel products for railway rails and bridges in the infrastructure sector, for construction machinery and offshore rigs used in the resource development sector, and for wind power generation in the clean energy sector.

The photo above shows high-quality rails with outstanding abrasion resistance exported for use in rail transport used at overseas mines.