Automotive Steel Products Division

Product Lines

  • Automotive Steel products (Hot-rolled steel, Cold-rolled steel, Coated steel, Stainless Steel, Specialty Steel, Aluminum steel, etc). Specialty steel and Wire rods for all other usage.

  • MI Metal Processing Mexicana S.A. de C.V., an automotive steel sheet production base in Mexico

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Increasing Customer Satisfaction is and will always be our key issue. The Automobile Steel Products Division has established sufficient Supply Chain Management System (SCM) based on customer’s requirement. In order to maintain such SCM, it is important to establish and maintain mutual trust and confidence between our suppliers and also with our customers. We will continue enhancing our quality and volume of service by gaining trusts from our suppliers and customers.

Strengthening Global Supply Systems

To respond to the expanding business interests of our overseas customers, we have established the same SCM in overseas countries. At the same time, we also have increased and improved our process capacity to meet with high quality demands of the customers. Moreover, we are actively setting up JV and/or partnerships with the local suppliers to fulfill the needs of our customers’ localization.

Expanding Business Domains

In addition to our current business (Trade and Processing), we are expanding our business domains. For example, we're setting up JV to produce truck frames in Indonesia, launching a joint venture in China with major Japanese and US steelmakers for precision rolling of specialty steel, and building a forged products business with Japanese specialty steelmaker in Mexico. Furthermore, to expand current business domains, we are also investing in major Italian automobiles components producer to create new business with European automakers.

Project Story

Automotive steel product processing bases: 16 domestic and 31 overseas business sites

Specialize in Automotive Applications to Heighten User Response

Established in April 2015, the Automotive Steel Products Division was the first MISI division to be named after a particular customer sector. Besides ordinary steel, the division’s product lineup includes specialty steel, wire rod and stainless steel. It is an integrated organization designed to handle products throughout the automotive field. The MISI Group owns 16 bases in Japan and 31 sites overseas involved in the processing of automotive steel products, with the division supplying uniform service spanning all of these regions.