Roles That Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. (MISI) Fulfills

MISI serves as an integral link between its customers and suppliers. Harnessing extensive information networks in Japan and overseas, the extended MISI Group carefully coordinates supply and demand to deliver critical steel products to markets worldwide. More specifically, MISI procures steel from steelmakers and skillfully processes it into supply secondary and tertiary products. Sophisticated supply systems incorporating IT solutions instrumental for successful distribution schemes and procurement support this activity. MISI also provides business plans that effectively incorporate Group-wide know-how in financing, risk management and other key sectors. MISI always seeks to refine these diversified functions, advancing global-scale business activities with the goal of steadily raising the level of added value it furnishes to customers.

鉄鋼流通の総合プロデューサー 伊藤忠丸紅鉄鋼 「鉄鋼流通を通じて社会の発展に貢献するグローバルな会社を目指す」「理解と尊敬を旨とし、信頼に満ちた誠実な会社を目指す」「創造的知的集団として躍動感にあふれた会社を目指す」

Our Company Logo

Our company logo, a bird, expressed with the brilliant orange of hot melting iron, symbolizes the enthusiasm and eternal energy we bring to the iron and steel industry. The creature, gazing up all the sky and ready for flight, represents our company’s eagerness to take bold leaps together with our customers.